Most international students covered under GCHP are enrolled through their Canadian school, or their Student Placement Agency. However, GCHP is available to any international student studying in Canada who meets the eligibility criteria:

eligibility criteria:

    To be eligible for coverage a person must:
  • a) be a student; or
  • b) be a dependent of such eligible student, all of whom live together in the same residence as the insured student; and
  • c) be currently in good health; and
  • d) be less than 65 years of age; and
  • e) not be insured under a Canadian government health insurance plan (GHIP) at time of application. Once insured for benefits under a GHIP plan, non-GHIP benefits under this policy will continue until the end of the policy term.
    Student means a person
  • a) whose country of origin is not Canada and who is residing in Canada on a temporary basis; and
  • b) who regularly attends school, college, university, or other accredited educational institution in Canada; and
  • c) who remains in Canada for up to one year immediately after completion of studies as described under a) to c) of this definition, and who is working or has applied to work in a field related to the studies completed.
    Dependent(s) means:
  • a) your legally married spouse or a person (under the age of 65) with whom you have been cohabitating in a common-law relationship for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the date of application; and/or 
  • b) any unmarried children residing with you, who are more than 15 days of age and age 21 or under and dependent upon you for their sole means of support. 

How to apply for coverage:

Email David Cummings Insurance Services (DCIS) with the following information:

  • The name and address of the Canadian school you will be study at
  • Your country of origin (your country of permanent residence prior to entry into Canada)
  • The date you will depart your country of origin for Canada
  • The dates of your study program

You will then be forwarded the appropriate application form to complete and return to DCIS.

Once your application has been submitted to and approved by DCIS, you will be emailed your policy documents (policy wording, ID card and claim form) to the email address indicated on your application form.

For more information, please contact DCIS.

Family Members

If you have a spouse/partner and/or dependent children who will reside with, or visit you during your study term, you may purchase GCHP coverage for them.
See the Family Members page