Welcome to iMED Health Insurance
for New International Students at UBC

Your health and well-being are extremely important.

If you suffer a sickness or injury, the most important thing is for you to get the proper medical attention. Without health insurance, the cost of medical services could limit your access to medical care or leave you with a large debt to pay.

iMED is top quality health insurance coverage provided at a low cost for the three month waiting period before you qualify for the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)—or for the duration of your study term if you are a one-term exchange student.

With iMED, you and your family can rest at ease knowing that you are well covered.

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Bulletin about iMED coverage regarding COVID-19


If you decide to defer or withdraw your UBC admission

Only New International Students registered for UBC courses are eligible for iMED. If you decide to defer your admission or withdraw from UBC altogether and deregister from all the courses you are enrolled in, then you (and any dependents you enrolled for iMED coverage) will cease to be eligible for iMED. Contact David Cummings Insurance Services if you have questions about your eligibility for iMED, and to learn about other health insurance options for Canada.