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What type of family member is eligible to have iMED coverage?

An international student may purchase iMED coverage for his or her dependent family members according to the definition of Eligible dependents in the policy wording. You, the UBC international student enrolled on the iMED Plan, are called an Insured Person in the policy wording. An Eligible dependent is defined as:

  • The spouse* of an Insured Person (but excluding those legally separated), and under the age of 65.
  • Unmarried children, step-children, foster children and legally adopted children, who are dependent on the Insured Person for support, provided that such children are not less than 15 days old and not more than 18 years old at the date the Policy was purchased (or 24 years old provided it can be proved that the child is continuing in full-time education).

* In the policy wording, 'spouse' is taken to mean a spouse by marriage or a common-law spouse or partner who lives with the student.

How to purchase coverage for your eligible dependents:

  • If you want your dependent(s) insured on the same coverage dates as you have on iMED, then you may purchase coverage for them using the Add family to my iMED Plan form. In this case we (DCIS) must receive your application and payment no later than the 15th day after the date your family member(s) arrive in Canada, or after the date your family member(s) arrive in BC if they are moving from another Canadian province.
  • OR:

  • If you want your dependent(s) insured for a set of coverage dates that are different to your iMED coverage dates, then you may purchase coverage for them using the iMED Custom Order for Family Members form.
  • Please be aware of the iMED policy that if you are enrolled into iMED and also add your family member(s) to your iMED account, you cannot opt out or cancel your iMED unless you withdraw your family from the iMED plan (or advanced coverage if you purchased) before the coverage becomes effective.
  • Please note: Students who are not on the iMED plan, or whose iMED coverage has been expired for six months or longer may not purchase iMED coverage for their dependents. If this is your situation please contact DCIS to inquire about other health insurance options available for your dependents.