Steps to making successful medical claims

Claims Services are provided by MSH International (Canada) Ltd.

Download the 'How iMED Works' Flyer

In addition to reading the steps below, watch MSH's two-minute animated web video about making claims, but note that under iMED, original receipts are required for any claims that exceed $10,000 USD (not $2,500 as mentioned in the video).

1. Call

To get authorization for medical procedures, including certain diagnostic tests (such as a CAT scan or MRI) call MSH International (Canada) Ltd. at 1 (403) 538-2364 or toll free 1 (800) 808-2694 (Worldwide).  Alternatively, you may send a request for pre-approval of expected medical expenses to

You must call MSH Assistance immediately if you are admitted to a hospital.
Call 1 (800) 808-2694. See the Emergencies page.

2. Claim Form

You must bring a Claim form /  Fillable form with you if you seek medical attention at a doctor's office or walk-in clinic. Question #4 on the claim form should be completed by your attending physician.

If you have already paid for a doctor's visit and did not have the doctor complete the claim form for you, you may complete it yourself. You must describe the reason for your visit and the diagnosis that the doctor gave to you about your symptoms or injury.

3. Submit Claim

To process a claim MSH will need your completed claim form, along with all related invoices/bills/receipts and treatment statements. (Detailed invoice with diagnostic code or description of treatments, Dr's Notes, ER Report)

If your claim is under USD $10,000 it may be faxed or emailed to initiate processing, however the original hard copies must be retained by you for a period of 24 months after the claim was incurred. MSH may request copies of the original receipts at any time to validate your reimbursement.

To process a claim of over USD $10,000 MSH must receive your original claim documents in hard copy.

The deadline for submitting claims is 365 days after the date of the medical expense or 90 days after the end of your insurance policy, whichever is earlier.

Tip! Submit all claims as quickly as possible, and before you mail original documents, make copies for your own records.

Send claim forms, and all pertinent documents to:

MSH International (Canada) Ltd.
Suite 300, 999 - 8th Street SW
Calgary, AB
T2R 1N7

Fax  (403) 265-9425


4. Read & Ask Questions

For a complete understanding of the procedures and conditions that apply to medical claims, read your policy wording, especially the section called "Procedures Applicable to Medical Claims".

Because the policy wording is a legal document some of the language may be difficult to understand. If you have questions, please contact David Cummings Insurance Services Ltd. or MSH International (Canada) Ltd..