Steps to making successful medical claims

Claims Services are provided by Allianz Global Assistance.

1. Call

To get authorization for medical procedures, including certain diagnostic tests (such as a CAT scan or MRI) call Allianz Global Assistance at 1-800-995-1662.

You must call Allianz Global Assistance immediately if you are admitted to a hospital.
Call 1-800-995-1662. See the Emergencies page.

2. Collect and Complete Required Documents

To process a claim the insurance company (Allianz Global Assistance) needs:

1. A fully completed International Student Medical Expense Claim Form,
2. A copy of itemized medical bills and receipts for expenses being claims, and
3. Information about the reason for seeking medical services, the consultation results* (diagnosis), and about any further medical services ordered by the attending physician.

The “Medical Information” section of the Claim Form is where you describe the reason for needing medical services, including your primary symptoms and the diagnosis given to you by the attending doctor.

*AGA sometimes requires medical records, such as the attending doctor’s notes to process a claim. So, before leaving from any doctor office, emergency room, or hospital, ask for a copy of your “patient chart” (also referred to as a health record) so that you can include that medical information with your claim form.

Please note: Claims for medical expenses that you have already paid should be submitted separately to claims you want to submit for unpaid medical bills that you want the insurance company to pay direct to the medical provider.

Need help preparing a claim? Contact Allianz Global Assistance:
Call at 1-800-363-1835 (within North America), 011-1-519-742-2800 (from outside North America) or e-mail AGA at

3. Submit Claim

Send claim documents by email to, or send original documents to the Claims Department mailing address indicated on the Claim Form.


1. Submit claims as quickly as possible, and no later than 90 days after the date of medical service.
2. If you email your claim, keep the original documents on file in case the insurance company requires them.
3. If you mail original documents, keep a photocopy or scanned copy for your own records.

4. Read & Ask Questions

For a complete understanding of the procedures and conditions that apply to medical claims, read your policy wording.

If you have questions, please contact David Cummings Insurance Services Ltd.

If you have a Study Permit, carry a photocopy of it with you, or keep a picture of it on your phone or other mobile device. If you need treatment at a hospital or emergency room, show the copy of your study permit because doing that may qualify you for much lower rates.