CONTACT Allianz Global Assistance IMMEDIATELY.

The Allianz Global Assistance call centre is open 24 hours every day.

Toll Free Canada/U.S.A.: 1-800-995-1662

Toll Free Worldwide: 800-842-08420

If unable to contact us through these toll free numbers,
please call collect: 416-340-0049 (ask operator to reverse the charges)

The following information will have to be provided at the time of the phone call:

  • Caller's name, telephone number and relationship to the patient
  • Patient's name, age, sex, and location
  • Insurance policy number (refer to the policy number on your insurance ID card)
  • Nature of medical problem
  • Telephone numbers of medical personnel involved
  • How and when the next communication will take place

IMPORTANT: In order for medical evacuation expenses to be covered by the program, you must have Allianz Global Assistance either authorize or arrange the trip. All admissions to Hospital must also be handled through Allianz Global Assistance.  Failure to contact Allianz Global Assistance in the event of hospitalization may affect settlement of your claim.