Enrolment  /  Family Members

What type of family member is eligible to have coverage?

An international student may purchase coverage for his or her dependent family members according to the definition of Eligible Dependents in the policy wording. An Eligible Dependent is defined as:

  • a) your legally married spouse or a person with whom you have been cohabitating in a common-law relationship for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the date of application; and/or
  • b) any unmarried children residing with you, who are more than 15 days of age and age 21 or under and dependent upon you for their sole means of support.
  • Dependents are covered only when dependent coverage is selected and paid for at the time of application.

Please note: Students who are not on the Global Campus Health Plan (GCHP), or whose GCHP coverage has expired, may not purchase coverage on this plan for their dependents. If this is your situation please contact DCIS to inquire about other health insurance options available for your dependents.