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iMED Direct Billing Medical Clinics
Certain doctor clinics, emergency departments, and pharmacies are set up to bill eligible expenses direct to MSH International (the insurance company that administers iMED insurance).  A list of participating facilities is below.  To access a direct billing facility, you will need to show your iMED Card, and a piece of photo identification.

List of Direct Billing Clinics & Pharmacies

Please Note:
You are not restricted to using the clinics or pharmacies in the iMED direct billing list, but those facilities offer the convenience of billing eligible medical expenses to MSH INTERNATIONAL (Canada) LTD., the iMED insurance claims administrator, so you do not have to pay up front. If your medical expense is not covered under the iMED policy, or if the clinic or pharmacy is unable to confirm the eligibility of your expense at the time of service, then you will be required to pay the clinic or pharmacy.  Also, even if a portion of your medical care is billed direct to MSH by a medical clinic, you could still billed separately for certain services such as for ambulance.

Seeking care at Hospital

If you suffer a serious medical emergency that cannot safely be treated at a doctor clinic you will want to seek immediate treatment at a hospital Emergency Department or Urgent Care Centre.  The phone number to call for BC ambulance service is 911.

Study Permit Holders Take Note!
For admission to a hospital, including an Emergency Ward or Urgent Care Ward, students who hold a Study Permit must present a copy of their current Study Permit in order to be charged the appropriate (lower) hospital rates for "Un-Insured Residents" who await coverage under BC MSP.  Otherwise you will be charged much higher hospital rates for "Non-residents."  If you do not have a copy of your study permit at time of hospital admission you must provide a copy of your study permit to the hospital billing department afterward to have your patient account adjusted.

Notify MSH immediately if admitted to Hospital
You must call MSH Assistance immediately if you are admitted to a hospital.  Call 1 (800) 808-2694 or write to  See the Emergencies page for further direction.

Hospitals in Vancouver
For Hospital and Emergency Department Locations and estimated wait times in the Vancouver Area visit

Hospital in Kelowna
Kelowna General Hospital

Pre-authorization of Medical Services

Obtaining Pre-Authorization from MSH International is recommended if you are referred for consultation with a specialist, and it is required for certain medical tests and procedures, such as CAT scan, MRI, and any surgery. 

To request authorization for medical procedures, either call MSH International (Canada) Ltd. at 1 (403) 538-2364 or toll free within North America at 1 (800) 808-2694 or write to  It can help to have your attending physician compete the Precertification & Direct Billing Request Form.  In non-emergency situations, it is strongly recommended to submit pre-authorization requests at least ten days ahead of the date for a scheduled medical procedure or specialist consultation.