Enrolment  /  Opting Out of iMED

Having coverage on a different private health insurance plan or a government health plan from your home country does not make you eligible to Opt Out of iMED.

The following students are eligible to Opt Out of the iMED program through David Cummings Insurance Services (DCIS):

  • Students who have coverage on a Canadian Provincial or Territorial health plan that commenced on or before the start date of their iMED plan.
  • Students who are already covered on the iMED plan.
  • Students who have not enrolled dependents onto their iMED plan.

To Opt Out for one of these two reasons print the DCIS iMED Opt Out Form / Fillable Form, complete it, and fax or mail it with the required supporting documents to DCIS at fax number: 604-228-9807.

Opt Out can also be done with our Online iMED Optout page.  (Beta Status)
The processing time will take about 2 to 6 weeks.

Students who are sponsored by a UBC recognized organization:

Students whose studies are funded by a third party (for example; government bodies, corporations, organizations and foundations) that has selected, required and purchased a basic health insurance plan on behalf of the student as part of its funding may Opt Out directly through the UBC iMED coordinator. Print the UBC iMED Opt Out Form / Fillable Form, complete it, and send it to the UBC iMED coordinator at the contact information listed on the form.

Opt Out Deadlines

To Opt Out of iMED, your Opt Out Request Form and supporting documents must be received by DCIS/UBC by the add/drop deadline (last day to drop courses without a W) as per the UBC Calendar.