UBC requires that all international students have basic and extended health insurance for the duration of their studies, as the costs of hospital and doctor care in Canada are extremely high if you are not insured. As a condition of registering for classes, all New International Students are enrolled in iMED Health Insurance, which is provided through David Cummings Insurance Services Ltd. (DCIS).

How do I know if I have iMED?
New international students are automatically enrolled for iMED as a result of registering for one or more on-campus courses. After you register for your first on-campus class at UBC, you will be able to see the iMED fee on your student account at www.students.ubc.ca/ssc.

If you decide to defer or withdraw your UBC admission
Only New International Students registered for UBC courses (including one or more on-campus courses) are eligible for iMED. If you decide to defer your admission or withdraw from UBC altogether and deregister from all the courses you are enrolled in, then (with certain exceptions) you (and any dependents you enrolled for iMED coverage) will cease to be eligible for iMED. If you defer or withdraw from your first UBC term contact David Cummings Insurance Services to review your eligibility for iMED, and if needed to learn about other health insurance options for Canada.

Have Questions for UBC about your iMED fee?
If you do not see an iMED fee on your account or if you have a question about the fee please submit your inquiry to UBC. UBC Vancouver students may use the ISD Web Form here. UBC Okanagan students, please contact your International Student Advisor by email at geo.ubco@ubc.ca.

Coverage Dates

Read About:

Family Members

If you have a spouse/partner and/or dependent children who will reside with, or visit you during your study term, you may purchase iMED coverage for them.
See the Family Members page

Opting Out

Some students are eligible to Opt Out of the iMED Health Insurance Plan. See the Opting Out page.

Advance Coverage

Some students will arrive in Canada before the start date for their iMED coverage. You may purchase the Advance Coverage you need for the gap between your arrival date and your iMED start date. If you are unsure of your iMED start date, visit the Coverage Dates page.

Extend iMED

Some students may need to extend their iMED coverage. See the Extend iMED page.

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Only New International Students are enrolled on the iMED Plan. UBC students and non-student affiliates who are newly arrived in Canada and who do not qualify for iMED may purchase other interim medical coverage directly from David Cummings Insurance Services (DCIS), such as:

For returning full time international students (those who have been registered at UBC in previous calendar years) and for newly arrived full time domestic students (Canadian students and Landed Immigrants) DCIS offers the Global Campus Health Plan.

For part-time students, visiting scholars, post-doctorate fellows and other non-students affiliates, DCIS offers a range of non-student medical plan options.

For assistance please contact DCIS.