Coverage Dates Change Request

Who is the Coverage Dates Change Form for?

New international students who enter Canada in a calendar month later than the iMED effective date issued to you, you must submit the Coverage Dates Change Form (with proof over your arrival date) so that your iMED coverage dates align with your waiting period for the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP).  

*If you enter Canada outside BC, and do not enter BC within the same calendar month as your date of entry into Canada, then you may need to purchase an iMED Extension in order to be covered for your full BC MSP waiting period. For this situation please contact DCIS for assistance.

Visiting International Research Students (VIRS)

If your VIRS program dates fall later than the iMED coverage dates issued to you, then you may qualify for a iMED Coverage Dates Change. (You also may need to purchase a coverage extension if your VIRS program will go beyond the iMED coverage period issued to you).

Who is the Coverage Dates Change Form NOT for?

One-Term Exchange Students, you have a mandatory coverage period aligned with your one-term exchange program, and so the Coverage Dates Change Form does not apply to you. Even one-term exchange students who arrive in Canada the calendar month after their iMED insurance effective date do not qualify for a change of coverage dates.

When to complete the Coverage Dates Change Form

Submit your Coverage Dates Change Form (with required proof documents) to DCIS promptly after your date of entry into Canada is confirmed.

How long will it take to receive my updated iMED Card?

The processing time for Coverage Date Change requests is normally between 2 to 6 weeks after all required documents are received.  In Winter Term 1 the timeline can be longer due to the volume of requests.

NOTE! If you arrive in Canada within your original iMED coverage period you may use your original iMED Card while waiting for your replacement iMED Card.  Your policy number will remain the same.

Coverage Dates Change Form (PDF)

Online Coverage Dates Change Form (Beta)